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My work is informed by my coastal and ocean experiences and a feeling of deep connection with nature.I celebrate the beauty and joy of all that encompasses the ocean. The coastline, the surface and below.  


I use many mediums to portray my connection, experiences and dreams of this incredible source of life. I play with paint, or draw with found objects, I make pigments and inks from the natural world and embed tidal treasures into my work. I carve metal or wood to become sensory surfaces for the layers of paint and marks and manipulate surfaces to reflect movement and light.I use alternative photography methods on paper to immerse in the ocean and capture a moment in time.

My work is shaped by fond memories of childhood freedom spent with loved ones by the coast: exploring rock pools , feeling the first rush of excitement surfing and snorkelling and discovering the magic of the depths below. The imagined and the real. It mirrors my personal connection and obsession with the ocean: abstracted elements that instinctively lure us to the oceans edge, surface and below. I focus on light, movement and endless hues of blue. I explore the treasures found at low tide and the mystery in the deep. I celebrate the beauty and joy of all that encompasses the ocean. I collaborate with this ancient body of water and incorporate pigments from tidal treasures. I am inspired by the weathered rocks and broken shells, the ebb and flow of weed and water that mirrors my internal seascape.

I hope that my work will provoke inquiry to the delicate and threatened ocean environment, or develop a deeper sense of care for the ocean and the life within, or simply a sense of joy.


 I want to ignite your Blue Mind* through my work; to bring a sense of peace and calm, a feeling of unity and connection.


*Conceived by Marine Biologist Wallace J Nichols, Blue Mind refers to a 'mildly meditative state characterised by calm, peace, unity..." ( Nichols, 2015, 6 ) triggered by the rhythmic regularity and stimulating change associated with water, in particular the ocean.

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